Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My First April as a Poet by Victoria Meyers (1 of 30)

April is National Poetry Month and to celebrate I am taking part in the 30/30 Challenge. I will attempt to write one poem every day in April. Here is the first one... enjoy!

The day is nearly over
The date is April 1st
I just found out that it's a special Month for a poet to write A new poem each day
So I sit here and I ponder And I wonder and I write
A freeform thought
All in one breath
To see just what will happen
Just what will come out
Just what will I see
 So good or bad, here it is
Without a barrier
My number one April poem

There is a bee in my bonnet
And a secret in my heart
So here I sit to compose a sonnet
And I can't because I'm all apart

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