Friday, November 20, 2015


The Bible speaks of discernment
To hear and understand, but to think as well
Not to follow blindly but to study
To know and to lead

There are three

Three men who caused the pain
Three of offspring to suffer

There are three

Three faces of man to make it right
Three of offspring to live

From the day of Adams sin
His death began and it spread
To suffer in the sweat of his face
To eat the fruit of his war

To the resurrection of Christ
His death repaid and he reigns
To suffer his Kingly throne
To witness the wages of sin

There are three

Three lives of the children
Who eat the lies
Three children to suffer

There are three

A man we await
Who was once and forever
Who has left but not gone

There is one
A love to suffer
A truth to tell and understand
One truth


Proverbs 8:1

Is not wisdom calling out? Is not discernment raising its voice?