Thursday, April 2, 2015

Morning Glory by Victoria Meyers (2 of 30)

Late bloomer, that's what you can call me.
Sometime, a long time ago, my stem went dormant.
My development sitter of stopped.
For a very many years my only hope was to react to what was happening to me and try to protect myself from utter destruction.
Like a flower that opens for the sun but closes up again when you touch it.
It was a slow process, with many false starts.
That's why too many like me are labeled with ugly names behind our backs by those more fortunate.
Because they can't understand that what's tried to stop me didn't win but only slowed me down.
Under the weight of adversity my figurative muscles have torn but but they have repaired and re-knit to be stronger then ever.
So now the sun shines like a morning in the spring and my petals spread open to welcome it.

~Morning Glory by Victoria Meyers 

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