Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cicadas' Scream

I remember when we left our house on Kaucher Lane
We put our things in storage
We decided to finish out the winter in the old rv
We found a nice spot in a park near friends
We brought along all the comforts and parked them
Right there along side the camper

We even put the big yard swing at the back of the camper facing the woods
And set the chimenea next to it for cozy evenings by the fire
It never was cozy tho

We set up the computer and closet space in a rented outbuilding
And set up a toy box for family times underneath.
It never was fun tho

Did you know that when the cicadas buzzed
Their screeching was so loud that no one could hear?
I used to creep outside at night
And sit in the swing to cry

It was more like a deep gut sobbing
And I found that I could scream
And rail against Jehovah, God himself

And no one could hear.
Maybe the cicadas were loud enough
That even God could not hear
My impotent rage and pain
Spit out into the wind and trees

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