Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Vine by Victoria Meyers (5 of 30)

I want to write about beautiful things
Like flowers and growing things
Let me put my pencil to paper and write a vine that grows right out of the tip
I want to watch that vine turn green and flow into heart shaped leaves
I want to watch that vine flowing freely across my paper until a tendril reaches the edge
I want to watch that tendril break free of my page and reach out into the real world
I want to watch that vine spread from my page out onto my skin and grow and multiply to cover my body up and down with tendrils and leaves and flowers like tattoos
But no, don't stop there I want to watch those vines and flowers spread and cover the chair in which I sit and down onto the floor
I can imagine how the lines will swirl and curl and form the shapes before my eyes until the floor is like the forest floor
And then the vine will spread up the walls of my room and cover the ceiling becoming sturdier and more real and full until they burst right out the window and into the air
I want to watch that beautiful vine full of purple, pink and yellow flowers and lush green leaves take over my neighborhood and fill the streets and cover the houses and parked cars with love and joy and acceptance
I want to watch that vine turn into a forest and fill the world until there is no more ugliness but only colorful spring flowers and fresh green leaves
And then maybe, just maybe my vine will touch you
And cover over your pain
And color your heart with my love

~The Vine by Victoria Meyers

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