Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thank You Poem by Victoria Meyers (12 of 30)

To the lady who parks in the loading zone downtown (you know who you are);

It was a year ago that you parked so long in the loading zone
Even after making me move out of it for you
Shouting at me, "This is a loading zone!"
The fact that I was actually unloading heavy equipment at the time,
While you were simply parking your large red car
In the most convenient spot in front of your business
Was lost on you.
And two hours later when I asked you if you would be moving soon
So that we could re-load our equipment
It was funny to me at first that you blew up at me
When you tried to pretend that I was being unreasonable
But a couple of weeks later when you stopped me on the street to yell in my face
Because you had pissed off someone else with your antics
Who had left you a note-.
Well that was almost my last straw
I want to thank you because apparently I needed a test of my patience

Because ever since that day, whenever I see your car It takes all my strength of will Not to KEY your shiny red paint job
And funny enough now whenever I see your car,
Or another car just like yours,
Or even a car of the same make of another color
And sometimes any red car at all
I think of you

Again I have another opportunity to practice my restraint
In fact as time goes by you would think this test would finish
But I guess I really really need this test because
A week ago I nearly failed
And keyed your car when I came upon it unexpectedly in the Wal-Mart parking lot
Instead of its usual spot in the loading zone downtown
Where you still insist on illegally parking your car

But I did resist,
I will continue to resist
Jehovah, God is happy and proud of me for my restraint
And anything that makes Jehovah happy in this day and age is a miracle!
So thank you
Thank you for the miracle

~Thank You Poem by Victoria Meyers

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