Thursday, April 9, 2015

I, You, We, but HE by Victoria Meyers (9 of 30)

I live in a world full of "I"
I must be fed
I must be clothed
I must be housed
I must be entertained

It goes further because

I have a right
I have a need
I have a want

You come into play because
You should hire me
You should accept me
You should entertain me
You should grant my rights
You should fill my wants
You should understand my needs
You should listen to my voice
You should be my friend

We have needs
We have wants
We have rights
We must eat
We must be housed
We must be clothed
We should entertain each other
We should listen to each other
We should grant each other rights

But He sacrificed His life to give it all to us

He listens to us
He has granted our rights
He will fulfill our needs
He will fulfill our wants

That we will be fed
That we will be clothed
That we will be housed
That will will be entertained
 That we should live under the Law of Love

 “‘You must love Jehovah* your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul* and with your whole strength and with your whole mind’ and ‘your neighbor as yourself.’” ~Luke 10:27

~I, You, We, but HE by Victoria Meyers

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